After More Than a Decade of Service at CSUN, Julia Potter Elected President of UEDA

Julia Potter

Julia Potter. Photo courtesy of Potter.

This fall, University Economic Development Association (UEDA) members elected CSUN’s Julia Potter president of the national organization.

Potter started her term Oct. 1, at the concluding session of the UEDA Annual Summit. She has been with CSUN for 14 years, currently serving as director of Educational Partnerships Development and Special University Projects.

UEDA is a nonprofit organization that brings together higher education institutions, private-sector businesses, nonprofits, government organizations and community economic development stakeholders to create local and regional economic opportunity.

“UEDA’s mission to support institutions of higher education in advancing knowledge and practice in economic and community engagement is more important than ever,” Potter said. “CSUN is an exemplar of an engaged university and its dynamic connection to UEDA further demonstrates the University’s strong commitment to that mission. As the president of the UEDA Board of Directors, it is my honor to further demonstrate CSUN’s leadership in this work at the national level.”

Joyce Feucht-Haviar, dean of The Tseng College, said Potter will continue to play a key role in CSUN’s work in the economic development of the region. She noted that scholarship informs and shapes the future of work in all fields. In turn, engaged faculty members and students will benefit from the new ideas and understandings that develop from CSUN’s participation in the changing nature of life, work and community across the disciplines.

“CSUN is a rather seamless part of the economic strength and values of the emerging economy in L.A. and beyond,” Feucht-Haviar said. “In that light, I asked Julia to attend a UEDA meeting a few years ago representing CSUN to build a bridge between that national conversation and CSUN to allow CSUN to be on the forefront nationally — clearly she has done a rather impressive job of getting CSUN firmly into the UEDA world to the advantage of CSUN and those we all serve.”

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