Cedric Hackett Published in Journal of African American Males in Education

CedricHackettx88Pan African Studies faculty member Cedric Hackett publushed the article “Constructing an Understanding of Black Student Athletes’ Achievement Concerns at a Private Hispanic Serving Institution,” in the Spring 2013, Vol. 4 issue of Journal of African American Males in Education.

The article focuses on how studies have reported scholastic inconsistencies in graduation rates and academic achievement in higher education among Black male student athletes. In it, Hackett writes a qualitative exploration focused on the perceived effects of institutional practices among Black male student athletes within a private Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and tries to answer the following research questions: “How can institutional policy address the academic inadequacy concerns that Black male student athletes face in a small Hispanic Serving Institution?” and “How can Black male student athletes be provided with the academic and social support necessary to be successful?”