Police Services Launch 911 Campaign

California State University, Northridge’s Department of Police Services has launched their biennial 911 Campaign to increase awareness across campus about how to contact university police in the event of a police, medical or fire emergency.

The department officials want to remind faculty, staff and students that for on-campus emergencies they should dial 911 from a campus phone or (818) 677-2111 from a cell phone. There are also 85 emergency blue light phones and four TTY-enabled call boxes across campus that connect directly to police services during an emergency.

“The 911 Campaign is an opportunity to remind the campus community how to reach police services in an emergency,” said CSUN Police Chief Anne Glavin. “Dialing 911 from a campus phone will connect you directly to CSUN PD. However, if using a cell phone, your call is routed to LAPD. This will add delay in your call reaching CSUN PD, and in an emergency, time is critical.”

To avoid a delay, Glavin recommends individuals program (818) 677-2111 into their cell phone and use this number in an emergency on campus.

As part of the campaign, police cadets will visit all campus departments and provide informational posters and phone stickers with emergency numbers. Department officials are encouraging the campus community to post and distribute the posters and phone stickers in their area to remind people of the importance of emergency procedures and numbers.

A map of the campus emergency phones can be found at http://www.csun.edu/sites/default/files/bluelights.pdf. Individuals can also download the CSUN mobile app to call the CSUN Department of Police Services.