CSUN Students Provided Access to Lynda.com Software Tutorials

Photo by Lee Choo.

Photo by Lee Choo

In this digital age, technology runs most of the world’s day-to-day functions. As part of California State University, Northridge’s commitment to preparing students for the future, open access has been given to all enrolled students to the online tutorial site Lynda.com. Now, students can learn how to master various software packages from wherever they sign on to the Internet—even through their smartphone or tablet.

Lynda.com is one of the most recognized tutorial systems in the world. Everything from everyday software like Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office to more specialized systems like MongoDB or Visual Basic can be learned using the site’s mix of videos and workshop materials. Bergen Muzatko, the training lead of the Department of Information Technology, said she feels that it’s the right tool for Matadors to learn their craft, regardless of what they study.

“For the first time, we have a product that I would call a ‘one-stop-shop’ that could benefit every student in every major on campus,” Muzatko said, adding the example: “My student assistant is a computer science major, and she used the online library to supplement a class she was taking to learn JavaScript. When she found that she needed more than just lecture notes, she would log in to lynda.csun.edu and watch the videos on JavaScript.”

However, Lynda.com is not just a technology hub. More practical tutorials are available as well.

“Even students who are not in a technical field will benefit from the Lynda online library,” Muzatko continued. “There are courses on how to design and deliver a presentation and how to deliver effective public speeches. And for those who may be graduating this year, there are courses on career development like how to ace an interview and write an effective resume.”

Those students who would like to use the site can go to lynda.csun.edu and use their CSUN username and password to log in. Alternately, once school is in session, the Lynda icon will display in the “Tools for Academic Success” pagelet on the “Academics” tab of the myNorthridge Portal. Muzatko also noted that along with Lynda.com access, the IT department will be rolling out the myCSUNbox online storage cloud solution and official CSUN app sometime at the beginning of the fall semester.