Alumni Bill Griffeth and Sue Herera Co-Anchor Nightly Business Report

  • Alumni Bill Griffeth and Sue Herera on the set of Nightly Business Report.

    Alumni Bill Griffeth and Sue Herera appear nightly on CNBC's Nightly Business Report on PBS. Photo by CNBC.

  • Bill Griffeth and Sue Herera at their Nightly Business Report desk.

    Classmates at CSUN, Griffeth and Herera bring the latest financial news to the public on Nightly Business Report. Photo by CNBC.

A Matador reunion has taken one of the most popular business news programs to a new level: California State University, Northridge alumni Bill Griffeth ’80 (Journalism), Hon.D. ’17 and Sue Herera ’81 (Journalism) this week began co-anchoring Nightly Business Report (NBR), produced by CNBC for PBS.

Classmates at CSUN, Griffeth and Herera have served as co-anchors before. Their familiarity with each other, going back to their college days, has been evident on camera. Griffeth is joining NBR to follow Tyler Mathisen, who co-anchored the program for the past five years.

“I am thrilled to be a part of Nightly Business Report, a show with a rich history and tradition of excellence,” Griffeth said. “Tyler has left some big shoes to fill, but I am up for the challenge and look forward to working once again with my longtime friend, colleague and college classmate — Sue Herera.”

Aside from the camaraderie and chemistry they display on camera, the Matador duo displays a mutual respect for each other’s talent and experience — as well as the business world knowledge they’ve acquired over their respective careers. All of those characteristics and more will come through on NBR, the longest-running business show on television.

“I am so happy to be beginning this new chapter of Nightly Business Report with Bill!” Herera said. “He is the consummate journalist, with such deep and insightful market knowledge. We have anchored many shows together over the years, and there is nothing better than anchoring a show with someone of Bill’s stature who is also a dear and wonderful friend. I am absolutely thrilled, and Bill and I can’t wait to take NBR to the next level.”

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