CSUN Climbs in Forbes #MyTopCollege Rankings

  • CSUN is number 7 in Forbes' #MyTopCollege rankings.

    CSUN is No. 7 in the most recent Forbes rankings for the fourth annual #MyTopCollege social media competition. Photo by Lee Choo.

While it may be summer, when most college students are on break, Matadors continue to sing the praises of their alma mater through Forbes’ #MyTopCollege social media competition. California State University, Northridge rose two spots to seventh in the latest national rankings.

Alumni reminiscing about their college days and current students reflecting on their current experience continue to help CSUN climb up this national poll through posts on Twitter and Instagram.

There is just one more week to help CSUN continue to rise up the #MyTopCollege ranks, so remember to tweet, post, and include CSUN’s handle so that the Matadors keep surging.

On Twitter, tag @csunorthridge and #MyTopCollege.

On Instagram, tag @csun_edu and #MyTopCollege.


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