Make CSUN #MyTopCollege

  • Three students pose with #MyTopCollege photo cut-out.

    Students show their Matatude at New Student Orientation (NSO) in August 2018. Events like NSO are some of the many reasons CSUN is #MyTopCollege. Photo by David J. Hawkins

Throughout the year, CSUN students, faculty, alumni and community members show the world what makes Matadors so special. And for two months every summer, Forbes’ annual #MyTopCollege contest gives these Matadors a chance to shine on social media.

#MyTopCollege looks to social media to rank the most loved colleges in the nation. Placing in the top 10 the last two years, CSUN is aiming for the top slot — but we need your help. Take to social media with stories, photos, brags and boasts about what makes CSUN #MyTopCollege.

Have a story about how you met your beau in Bayramian Hall? Did CSUN open the doors to your dream career? Did a squirrel steal your french fry? Great, post it! Here’s how:

  • Instagram – Post a photo and explain why CSUN is your top college; tag @csun_edu and use #MyTopCollege (you must use both in order for the post to count.)
  • Twitter – Post a photo, story or anecdote telling the world why you love CSUN; tag @csunorthridge and use #MyTopCollege (you must use both in order for the post to count.)

Quality and quantity of posts are both considered. Please feel free to post every day; we promise not to blush.

For more info on the Forbes #MyTopCollege contest, visit the official contest page.