CSUN Big Show ’17 Turns Oviatt Lawn Into A Music Festival

  • Happy attendees enjoying confetti rain

    Confetti rained at the end of Dillon Francis' set at Big Show. Photo by Sarah Dutton

  • Happy trio of concertgoers sitting in the shade

    Concertgoers took cover in the shade between sets. Photo by Sarah Dutton.

  • Vinnie Pergola of Phantoms playing on stage

    CSUN alum Vinnie Pergola of Phantoms was excited to be back on campus playing at Big Show. Photo by Sarah Dutton.

  • Couple dancing in crown in front of Phantoms stage.

    Warm fall weather didn't stop people from dancing all day. Photo by Sarah Dutton.

  • Valentino Khan on stage

    Valentino Khan at Big Show 2017. Photo by Sarah Dutton.

  • Big crowd of people during show

    The Oviatt Lawn turned into a big concert. Photo by Sarah Dutton.

  • Happy concertgoer in front of the stage

    Excited concertgoers tried to get the best spot in front of the stage. Photo by Sarah Dutton.

  • Dillon Francis and Valentino Khan on stage with lots of stage lights

    Dillon Francis brought Valentino Khan back on stage during his set at Big Show 2017. Photo by Sarah Dutton.

  • Happy girl buying food from food truck

    Attendees were tempted with tasty options from the food trucks. Photo by Sarah Dutton.

  • Group of concertgoers in front of Big Show sign

    Creative Big Show signs were popular for the perfect photo op. Photo by Sarah Dutton.

The warm, fall weather was a nice backdrop for students and community members to come out to the 17th annual California State University, Northridge Big Show on Oct. 7. As excited attendees walked through the gates, they were greeted by Associated Students staff handing out Big Show silicone bands and cardboard glasses that made the stage lights diffract into sparkling fireworks.

Big Show is produced by CSUN Associated Students (AS) and every year CSUN students get to voice what type of music acts they want at the show. This year’s choice was Electronic Dance Music (EDM), and the CSUN AS Production team brought to the stage well-known DJ / producer Dillon Francis as well as acts Phantoms and Valentino Khan.

The Big Show event took place on the Oviatt Lawn, where there were a variety of food trucks, free drinks from Rockstar and Yachak Organic Yerba Mate and creative Big Show signs for the perfect photo op.

“This event is really a great break from school,” said CSUN business management student Jose Reyes. “It’s like having a mini-EDM festival on campus.”

Shaded spots under the Oviatt Lawn’s palm trees were as popular as the refreshing water stations. When Phantoms hit the stage, concertgoers were able to compromise the shade for an hour of dancing. The crowd got even more excited when they found out that Phantoms’ Vinnie Pergola graduated from CSUN in 2013.

“It’s good to be back!” said the CSUN alumnus.

Valentino Khan followed the Phantoms’ set and as he stepped on stage attendees rushed for the best spot to see him. Even a minor sound equipment glitch didn’t stop Khan, and his set was a great hit.

Closing out the evening was Big Show’s headliner Dillon Francis, who entered the stage to massive cheers from the crowd. The Oviatt Lawn was bouncing for the full 80-minute set. Confetti rained as Francis completed his high-energy set, leaving the crowd chanting for more.

“I would play more if I could, but I used every minute of my time,” Francis said as he left the stage.

With AS bringing so many popular acts to CSUN, students left the evening feeling liked they’d seen something special on their campus.

“Bringing Dillon Francis to campus is the best thing the school has done for me,” said student Brenda Begini on her way out from the show. She and her friend Brenda Beitkarim said they are both huge fans of Dillon Francis and have been to several of his shows at different festivals.

“I really like how this show was different with a smaller crowd than you see at large festivals,” said Beitkarim. “I felt really safe and comfortable all night.”