Gunna, 1TakeJay and 4B Let Loose at Big Bash ‘20

  • Rapper 1TakeJay (right) and guest performer Kalan.FrFr (left) pump up the crowd at Big Bash 2020. Photo by Lee Choo.

  • Billboard chart-topping rapper Gunna (front) and DJ Taurus (back) perform on the Oviatt Lawn stage at Big Bash 2020. Photo by Lee Choo.

  • DJ Taurus plays his mix for the crowd at Big Bash 2020. Photo by Lee Choo.

As concertgoers dealt with safety checks and security guards on their way into the Oviatt Lawn, the need to unwind was tangible.

Upon arrival, concertgoers were quickly revved up by CSUN Associate Students guides and their adrenaline-pumping chants. One guide even vocalized his chants through a megaphone. The incoming crowd reciprocated their chants as they flashed their tickets for admission. The stage was set for Big Bash 2020.

Big Bash, the spring semester’s variation of the Big Show held in the fall semester, is an annual concert performed on the Oviatt Lawn and coordinated by Associated Students Productions.

This year’s genre focus was a mix of EDM, trap and hip-hop music performed by an eclectic mix of Billboard-topping artists.

Things kicked off at 4 p.m. with an EDM mix by DJ/producer 4B. The mix set the tone for the night with its electronic blasts and gummy basslines.

At 5 p.m., Los Angeles native rapper 1TakeJay stepped on the stage and performed with his dynamic rapping style. His hit songs “Hello” and “Arco” pumped up the crowd and got people moving.

The headliner, Georgia-based rapper, singer and songwriter Gunna, electrified the crowd at 6 p.m. His hit singles “Drip Too Hard,” “Hot” and “Chanel (Go Get It)” made the crowd go wild as bright stage lights beamed overhead.

Concertgoers took breaks from the crowds with various artisan food trucks and commercial vendors parked on the Oviatt Lawn. Nashville Hot Chicken brought Southern comfort food with a kick, while the Poutine Brothers’ Food Truck provided vegan and vegetarian options. Other vendors included Yerba Mate tea, Rockstar energy drinks and Urban Decay cosmetics.

The three-hour event allowed Matadors to decompress as midterms loom around the corner. With spring break only days away, Matadors will be well rested to finish off the semester strong.

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