Sinbad Leaves Them Laughing at VPAC

  • Sinbad opens new VPAC season.

    Sinbad opened what is expected to be an exciting 2014-15 season at the Valley Performing Arts Center.

  • Sinbad's daughter, Paige Bryan.

    Paige Bryan, Sinbad's daughter, opened the evening with a high-energy music set.

  • Bryan interacts with the audience.

    Like her father, Bryan used audience participation during her performance.

  • Sinbad brought edgy brand of humor.

    Though his early influences include iconic comedians like Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby, Sinbad's edgy brand of humor is very much his own.

  • Sinbad made everyone laugh, including himself.

    Sinbad still had the magic touch, making both the audience and himself laugh.

Sinbad’s performance Sept. 18 at the Valley Performing Arts Center at CSUN proved that the comedian still knows how to keep an audience entertained and in stitches. The evening opened with a musical performance by his daughter, Paige Bryan, and her band, highlighting some of the work on her new album. Immediately following his daughter’s performance, Sinbad took command of the stage and had the audience — which included his mother — laughing nonstop. His monologue touched on family, friends, politics, his home in the San Fernando Valley, race relations and more. Audience participation was high, and the banter that ensued between Sinbad and his fans fueled the comic throughout his high-energy set. Here are some images from the evening, which opened VPAC’s 2014-15 season.