Introducing The Blacktop At The Matadome

  • High view of the Blacktop.

    The "Blacktop" at The Matadome is one of the most unique floors in all of college sports. Photo by Braden Villanueva

  • Coaches by the logo.

    From left: Coaches Jeff Campbell (men's volleyball), Jason Flowers (women's basketball) and Reggie Theus (men's basketball) stood by the new CSUN athletics logo. Photo by Braden Villanueva

  • Faculty and staff at Blacktop lunch.

    Hundreds of CSUN faculty and staff members took part in a special lunch event to unveil the "Blacktop" at The Matadome. Photo by Braden Villanueva

California State University, Northridge has unveiled one of the more visible pieces of its new “Rise of the Matadors” pride campaign: the new Blacktop at The Matadome.

The unique floor at CSUN’s home arena brings a little bit of the playground to Division I sports, as the area surrounding the playing surface is completely black — as are the keys in front of each basket. In the center of the court is the new CSUN athletics logo, featuring the matador holding a cape with CSUN right across the front.

CSUN faculty and staff members received a sneak preview of the new court during a special lunch event where they were invited to shoot free throws for prizes and took photos with three of the coaches who will pace the sidelines of the new court: men’s basketball coach Reggie Theus, women’s basketball coach Jason Flowers and men’s volleyball coach Jeff Campbell (women’s volleyball coach Jeff Stork was on a road trip with the team).

In addition to the student body, faculty and staff members play an important role in the ever-growing Matador fan base, say athletics staff who organized the Blacktop event.

“This is a critical piece of our new visual identity, our new branding,” said CSUN Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Brandon E. Martin, Ed.D. “One of the things that we wanted to do in our primary athletic facility is to have a unique, distinctive, cutting-edge floor that was unlike any other in the country. What that allows you to do is enhance the fan experience. It allows us to have events like this to boost morale on campus. That’s what athletics can do when you do it the right way.”

The new Blacktop also will create a unique look when CSUN’s teams appear on TV, Martin said.

“That was one of our goals as well — we knew when we designed it that it would show well on TV,” he said. “In college athletics, TV is a big part of your message, your brand and recruiting. We’re very excited about the key games, especially in the Big West Conference, where our fans can show some Matador pride.”

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