Matadors’ Most Successful Season Ends in NCAA Tournament

  • Guay led the way.

    Ashlee Guay was the driving force for the Matadors with 27 points, four assists and four steals in the first-round game of the NCAA Tournament in Palo Alto. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Janae Sharpe.

    Janae Sharpe for the layup. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Camille Mahlknecht shoots.

    Camille Mahlknecht scored eight points and grabbed six rebounds. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Lister on the drive.

    Cinnamon Lister on the drive. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Randi Friess cuts to basket.

    Randi Friess cuts to the basket looking for the pass. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Matador huddle.

    The Matadors huddled in the seconds before tipoff. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Cole on the drive.

    Emily Cole scored six points off the bench for the Matadors. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Tessa Boagni.

    Freshman Tessa Boagni with the jumper. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Coach Jason Flowers.

    Head Coach Jason Flowers led the Matadors to their second consecutive trip to the NCAA Tournament. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Cheer squad.

    The Matador cheer squad made the trip to keep the spirits up. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Guay in pregame.

    Guay listened intently during Coach Flowers' pregame meeting. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Inspirational messages.

    The Matador faithful sent inspirational messages for the team. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Practice at Stanford.

    A behind-the-scenes look as the Matadors practiced the day before their first-round game. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Study hall at Stanford.

    Even though they were on the road for the NCAA Tournament, the Matadors made time to keep up with their studies. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

  • Travis Newman enters arena.

    As the Matadors take the court for practice at Maples Pavilion, Travis Newman snuck a peak at the arena. Photo by Braden Villanueva.

The Matador Women’s Basketball team saw its record-setting season come to an end, as it led traditional powerhouse Stanford through the opening minutes of the second half before falling behind and seeing its season end with a 73-60 defeat on March 21 at Maples Pavilion in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. Senior Ashlee Guay saw her Matador career end with a valiant effort, scoring 27 points with four assists and four steals. Fellow seniors Janae Sharpe, Camille Mahlknecht, Cinnamon Lister and Randi Friess also played their final games for the Matadors, ending their careers as the most successful class in program history. The Matadors have qualified for the NCAA Tournament the past two seasons.

Guay summed up the feelings of the senior class when she reflected both on this season’s accomplishment, as well as those that have occurred throughout the past four years.

“It’s been an unbelievable experience to be a part of a program without a lot of wins and to come
in and turn around the program,” Guay said. “We’re playing not just for us, and we have the support of the
alumni, the school, the president. We’re playing for something bigger than us, and coach
reminded us of that. We play for the name on the jersey, for the girl next to us. I’m excited to
have taken the program to the next level, and I’m excited to see where it goes next.”

Here are photos from the Matadors’ trip to Palo Alto.

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