Petros Papadakis’ First Pitch is Full of Personality

  • Petros Papadakis winds to throw pitch at CSUN

    Sports talk show host Petros Papadakis threw the ceremonial first pitch on May 15 at Matador Field. Photo by Laura Pierson.

  • Papadakis' first pitch, midflight.

    Papadakis wanted to make sure that he didn't bounce his first pitch. Mission accomplished. Photo by Laura Pierson.

  • Papadakis shakes hands with coach Greg Moore.

    Papadakis shakes hands with CSUN Head Coach Greg Moore, and Assistant Coach Riley Goulding. Photo by Laura Pierson.

  • After visiting with fans, Papadakis called the action with CSUN broadcaster Ross Porter. Photo courtesy @CSUNCapeCrew.

AM 570 Radio’s Petros Papadakis is one of the most popular sports talk show hosts in Los Angeles, yet on May 15, he was happy to take second billing to someone he grew up listening to and admired.

CSUN Baseball broadcaster Ross Porter was being honored before the Sunday game, as were the team’s seniors, and Papadakis came to California State University, Northridge to pay homage to the longtime Dodger announcer and throw the ceremonial first pitch at Matador Field before the CSUN Baseball team finished off a three-game sweep of UC Davis. After the the pitch, Papadakis admitted to some nerves.

“Being able to do it and having the ball not bounce was huge for me personally,” Papadakis said. “They’ll probably find a lot of things to make fun of like my throwing motion, my mannerisms, the way I walked onto the mound, my ‘El Duque’ leg kick, all of those things will be scrutinized. But its important I went out there and faced my fears to honor the great Ross Porter and, of course all of CSUN, one of my favorite places. I love the Valley.”

After he was done with the first pitch, Papadakis watched the first several innings of the game in the stands, hopping around meeting and talking with several admirers. He then spent a couple innings on the CSUN Sports Network broadcast with Porter, helping call the action alongside the man he listened to so often growing up in San Pedro.

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