R.I.P. CSUN Baseball Scoreboard

  • CSUN Athletics bid farewell to a key player, the Baseball Scoreboard. Brought on in 1989, the scoreboard has seen countless games and holds many memories for the team. We remember a life well lived.

For many, baseball is simply a hobby and is played as a way to relax. But for some, baseball is life. Their love of the sport compels them to show up to every practice and to see every game to the very end. They inspire those around them, and this is why California State University, Northridge is still reeling from the news that one of its most valuable players, its baseball scoreboard, must be replaced.

Built in 1989, the scoreboard was born with a condition requiring a team of caregivers to ensure that its wattage never dropped below 27,000. It was a strenuous task, but its silent courage and ability to consistently put up numbers made a huge impression on the team. Said one of its caregivers, “It was a constant fixture at the games, and a true fan. I don’t think it ever left the stadium.”

Donations are being accepted to help in the efforts to find its successor and give CSUN Baseball a brighter future. Estimates place a new digital scoreboard at $400,000 to $500,000. In lieu of flowers, a donation can be made by going to givenow.csun.edu and specifying that the gift is for the CSUN Baseball scoreboard.