K-9 Units Take a Paws From Police Work for “Meet the Dogs” Event

  • Four K-9 unit officers and their handlers get ready to demonstrate some of their techniques. The CSUN community got the chance to see the campus' Department of Police Services and other law enforcement agencies' K-9 units in action at the second-annual "Meet the Dogs" fundraiser on April 15 on the Bayramin Hall lawn. Photo by Victor Kamont.

  • CSUN DPS Office Cpl. Tom Finnerty takes his K-9 partner Isy out to begin his demonstration at the "Meet the Dogs" event on April 15. Members of the public and the campus community at CSUN met the dogs that work alongside law enforcement officers in serving the community.

  • Officer Anthony Vargas waits to show the crowd what his K-9 partner Mitch can do. The second annual "Meet the Dogs" fundraiser brings awareness to the CSUN community about the importance of K-9s in police work. Photo by Victor Kamont.

  • A padded volunteer demonstrates K-9 officer stopping techniques. The "Meet the Dogs" event is also a fundraising effort by selling CSUN Police Department K-9 merchandise, including T-shirts and plush K-9 dog toys. All proceeds support the CSUN K-9 unit. Photo by Victor Kamont.

  • Mitch leaps into action at the "Meet the Dogs" event to demonstrate K-9 officer techniques. Photo by Victor Kamont.

  • DPS Officer Cpl. Tom Finnerty smiles with his K-9 companion Isy. Finnetry and 6-year old Isy have been working together for three years. Photo by Victor Kamont.

California State University, Northridge Department of Police Services — along with local law enforcement agencies — showcased its K-9 unit dogs’ stopping power during the “Meet The Dogs” fundraising event on April 15. The afternoon dog show, which took place on the Bayramian Hall lawn, demonstrated the dogs’ proficiency in narcotics and explosives detection, as well as a demonstration of search and rescue, tracking and handler protection techniques.

“Meet the Dogs” included demonstrations of what the K-9 units can do, as well as opportunities for attendees to have their pictures taken with the canine officers. The event was also a great way to meet CSUN’s very own patrolling pooches Isy and Mitch along with their handlers Cpl. Tom Finnetry and Officer Anthony Vargas. CSUN Police Department sold K-9 merchandise, including T-shirts and plush K-9 dog toys. Some T-shirts and plush K-9 dog toys are still available. If you’re interested, stop by the DPS Building at the corner of Darby and Prarie. All proceeds go to support the CSUN K-9 unit.