Sign n’ Run Celebrates 50thAnniversary of the NCOD

  • A group of runners prepare to start the race

    Participants get ready to start the Sign n' Run race at CSUN on the lawn in front of the National Center on Deafness. Photo by Nestor Garcia.

  • Registration for the race was held at a desk outdoors

    Runners joining the Sign n’ Run event register to participate in the 5K run. Photo by Nestor Garcia.

  • 5K run participants begin the race at CSUN

    The runners begin the 5K run, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the National Center on Deafness. Photo by Nestor Garcia.

  • Runners are cheered on at the sidelines

    Participants and hosts of the Sign n’ Run cheer on runners as they approach the finish line. Photo by Nestor Garcia.

  • Race hosts hold the finish line

    National Center of Deafness Sign n' Run event hosts hold up the finish line for runners. Photo by Nestor Garcia.

The National Center on Deafness at California State University, Northridge hosted the Seventh annual CSUN NCOD Sign n’ Run 5K Carnival on April 27. The 5K run was held in front of the Jeanne Chisholm Hall where the NCOD is headquartered. Deaf and hearing, signers and non-signers alike were all welcome to participate in the day’s festivities.

This year’s Sign n’ Run event was grander than ever. To celebrate the landmark anniversary for the NCOD, the event was carnival themed. There were carnival games, clowns and an inflatable obstacle course for the participants to enjoy. Kids and adults played various games at the event to win prizes.

The children’s program was filled with activities and various games, ranging from water balloon toss to arts and crafts. The event cost $15 for students with a CSUN ID and $20 for adults. Children under the age of 10 were allowed free entrance.

The event raised funds to go to scholarships and program enhancements for deaf and hard-of-hearing students at CSUN. The funds also provide deaf and hard-of-hearing students with leadership and skills development by planning, hosting and marketing this event.

The NCOD provides communication access, leadership opportunities, scholarships and direct communication classes for approximately 200 students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing each year. Registering with the National Center on Deafness allows students to receive services such as interpreting, speech-to-text transcription, note taking, and tutoring and academic advisement.

For more information on the programs and services provided by the NCOD,e-mail