The Most-Read Stories of 2023 on CSUN Today

  • Four people gather around a kitchen counter preparing dough.

    CSUN students and staff at Hillel 818 prepare challah dough for Rosh Hashana meals, in fall 2022. Photo courtesy of Hillel 818.

  • Four women in caps and gowns show their red diploma covers

    A group of students hold their diplomas during the second College of Health and Human Development ceremony on May 21, 2023. Photo by Bryan Rodgers.

  • John Banks seated in front of

    CSUN Alumnus John Banks with his award-winning design for the CSUN sign in 2023. Photo by Lee Choo.

Achievement, tradition and special events…. These are the subjects of the most-read articles published on CSUN Today in 2023. Wait, what, you missed some?!? We’ve got you covered– they’re posted below AND we included a few bonus stories as well. Classes are done, you’ve got a little extra time— read on!

#5 — “The worms” or “spaghetti letters.” No matter what you call them, you know what we’re talking about— and this year, alumnus John Banks’ landmark three-dimensional “CSUN” sculpture at the corner of Zelzah and Nordhoff hit a big milestone-– the 50th anniversary of his winning design. As a matter of fact, it is one of many public art pieces on the CSUN campus.

#4 — “Pomp and Circumstance,” caps and gowns, mortarboards and tassels, pride and joy. Every year, the photo stories of commencement are among our top-read articles with tons of photos. This is the goal, Matadors, and we can’t wait for your turn to come.

#3 and #2 — Holidays! Diversity on campus is our strength and Matadors love reading about beloved traditions celebrated among our community. Stories on RamadanRosh Hashana and Yom Kippur were among the most popular. You can also check out our recent posts explaining the meaning behind the delicious foods of Hanukkah and the displays for Dia de Los Muertos.

#1 — Speaking of pride and joy, the top read story of 2023 was about some significant recognition this year from the Wall Street Journal that named CSUN the #2 public university in California and the #12 public university in the nation. In addition, the WSJ also recently named CSUN the #1 university for diversity in the West and #3 in the nation.

And kudos to you, Matadors for staying on top of things! Some of the most popular “stories” on CSUN Today are the “Important Dates” lists we put together at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Read on for a profile of a member of the enrollment services team who keeps students informed about upcoming deadlines. Stay tuned for the next Important Dates list– it will be posted before the spring 2024 semester starts.

Finally, a great big Happy New Year to all of our readers– we wish you all the best for a successful 2024!

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