CSUN and the Clinton Global Initiative Encourage Students to “Commit to Action”

California State University, Northridge once again has partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to encourage students to make a difference in the world. This is the third year CSUN and CGI have teamed up to provide students the opportunity to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U).

CSUN students have until May 1 to formulate “a commitment to action” in one of five areas: education, environment and climate change, poverty alleviation, peace and human rights, and public health. Applicants must draft a plan to address an issue in one of the five areas.

If selected, students will be invited to meet with other college students from around the globe at Northeastern University in Boston, from Oct. 13-15.

This year’s CSUN advisor for the program is Mary-Pat Stein from the Department of Biology. Stein said CGI U is a wonderful opportunity to network and gain resources, and she encouraged students to apply.

“You go to the meeting, and at the meeting they teach you about all the resources that are available to make [your plan] come to fruition,” Stein said. “It’s a lot of elbow rubbing and meeting people that maybe have similar goals.”

Nutrition and dietetics major Frida Endinjok was selected in 2016 to attend CGI U and was awarded the Resolution Project Fellowship, funds awarded to students whose commitment to action solve pressing issues. Endinjok’s project, “Let’s Grow Healthy,” is a community gardening initiative designed to decrease childhood obesity and promote healthy eating habits.

Endinjok said the funding helped her career and emphasized how integral CSUN’s Marilyn Magaram Center for Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics has been to her project. The center is a resource to CSUN students like Endinjok and supports the professional dietetics and food science community.

“I can say that I’ve been blessed because I’m already working through the Marilyn Magaram Center,” Endinjok said. “They’re the ones who have helped me by hosting my project, and the [fellowship] funds helped me expand to new schools.”

Stein and Endinjok offered advice to CSUN students who plan on applying to this year’s CGI U.

“Applying for CGI U is pretty intense,” Endinjok said. “The proposal is not easy, and you have to be very detailed as far as what you’re going to do — and how you’re going to do it. I would [advise applicants to] meet with the CGI mentor (Stein) constantly.”

“The [best] advice that anyone can give any student is to follow the directions,” Stein added. “The application is very specific, and students [should] clearly and accurately address the questions that are asked. You want to be direct, efficient and show that you can be effective.”

To find out more about CGI U, students should email CSUN’s initiative advisor, Mary-Pat Stein, at mpstein@csun.edu or visit the CGI U website.

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