CSUN Professors’ Textbook Honored by Authors Association

this is your land coverFor more than 20 years, the Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA) has recognized emerging and veteran published authors in eight subject categories such as mathematics and social sciences.

This year, California State University, Northridge political science professors Martin Saiz and Jennifer De Maio’s textbook, “This is Your Land: Introduction to American Government and Politics,” was singled out for the Most Promising New Textbook Award, which honors excellence in first-edition textbooks and learning materials.

“It’s great to be recognized,” Saiz said. “This took us three years to put together. It’s rewarding because you know all that effort, work and understanding are recognized.”

Photo of Martin Saiz.

Photo of Martin Saiz.

The award was given based on the textbook’s pedagogy, content, writing, appearance and design.

The new American government and politics textbook presents a legal framework of the American political system and fundamental elements of the U.S. Constitution. Issues of racial, ethnic, gender, religious, socioeconomic and political diversity are woven throughout the book.

“We wanted all of our readers to feel like the story of American politics is their story, regardless of whether or not they major in political science,” De Maio said. “We often have students in our classes who feel like political science is hard and inaccessible to them. We wanted those students to be able to navigate our text easily. We made the concepts as easy to understand as possible by using examples, and by telling stories

Photo of Jennifer De Maio.

Photo of Jennifer De Maio.

that would engage readers and be as relevant to their everyday lives as possible.”

The association’s judges said the textbook deserved the award because of “its comprehensive coverage of a complicated topic,” as well as the authors’ ability to break down complex information into easy and interesting information.

The award presentation is scheduled for Friday, June 12, at the Textbook and Academic Authors Association’s 33rd Annual Textbook and Academic Authoring Conference.

“This is Your Land” is available through Flatworld, a publisher specializing in low-cost textbooks.

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