CSUN Students ‘Beat the Quake’ with Puzzle Room

  • CSUN students try to find hints in the puzzle room to 'Beat the Quake.' Photo by Ruth Saravia.

  • CSUN students present their research on historical earthquakes at the 'Beat the Quake' event at the Bayramian Lawn on April 28. Photo by Ruth Saravia.

  • CSUN students read about historical earthquakes while they wait for their turn in the 'Beat the Quake' puzzle room. Photo by Ruth Saravia.

  • Booths from on-campus and off-campus emergency resources educate the CSUN community on emergency preparedness at the 'Beat the Quake' event at the Bayramian Lawn on April 28. Photo by Ruth Saravia.

California State University, Northridge’s Department of Police Services invited students, faculty and staff to Beat the Quake on April 28 at the Bayramian Lawn.

The event featured campus and community resources for emergency preparedness and provided tips and information on how to respond during an earthquake.

The highlight of the event was the puzzle room, an earthquake-themed escape room adventure in which student teams of four solved puzzles in a short period of time to prepare for an earthquake.

“It was really fun,” said Tiffany Nguyen, a freshman biology major. “We live in California, so we’re prone to many earthquakes. It’s important to be prepared and be aware.”

Top-scoring teams earned prizes such as DVDs, gift packs, Matador spirit items or MataMoney gift cards. The grand prize was a gift certificate for the Amazing Escape Room.

In addition to the resource tables and the puzzle room, CSUN geology students presented posters that displayed historical earthquakes and talked about earthquake preparedness, which many students said they found informative.

“There are a lot of foreign exchange students who come to CSUN from all over the world,” said Brandon Cu, a freshman in communication studies. “They might not know that we have a lot of faults in California, so they should know how to be prepared to stay safe.”

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