Matadors Roll Out the Welcome Mat with New Student Orientation

  • During their tour, incoming students receive information about campus life and have the chance to ask questions. Photo by Lee Choo

  • Incoming Matadors enjoy some coffee and breakfast, and mingle with other new students. Photo by Lee Choo

  • Incoming students take a morning tour of campus. Photo by Lee Choo

  • New students check in with the New Student Orientation staff, receiving a name badge and a group number. Photo by Lee Choo

  • CSUN's new transfer students learn about the Matador statue and the tradition of placing roses at his feet for good luck or to celebrate passing an exam and major life milestones. Photo by Lee Choo

  • Transfer students, international students and incoming freshmen meet at the USU Sol Center to check in before heading off in groups. Photo by Lee Choo

Every year, thousands of new students begin their journey at CSUN as transfer students, international students and incoming freshmen. These incoming students take an extensive tour of campus, attend a resource fair and make new friends over lunch. Each session wraps up around noon, after the incoming students have recorded their names for future pronunciation reference and attended TAKE, an assembly showing all the challenges they might face as college students and how to handle them.

New Student Orientation kicked off July 31 and will continue throughout August. For more information, visit the NSO website.

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