Mirrorless Monday

  • CSUN students write positive affirmations to help raise awareness about eating disorders and body image. Photo by Karla Torrento.

The California State University, Northridge Joint Advocates on Disordered Eating (JADE) team is helping college students cultivate a positive body image. In honor of National Eating Disorder week, restroom mirrors on campus are covered with green paper on Feb. 22 to remind students that they are more than their physical appearance.

For those struggling with their body image, looking in the mirror can trigger negative responses, said Samir M. Hamawe, JADE’s peer program specialist.

“We take a day to acknowledge that experience and write affirmations on a covered mirror,” Hamawe said.

JADE is composed of CSUN student-peer educators. The program helps spread awareness about eating disorders and body image to the CSUN community.

Mirrorless Monday will take place in restrooms across campus, and both men and women can participate by writing positive affirmations on the green paper covering the mirrors.

“It creates mindfulness around that experience, and maybe one step that you can take to ultimately not being so critical about your body image for a day,” Hamawe said.

“We do our best to be inclusive of all genders,” said Francisco Perez, a peer educator. “We really strive to make it known that males do have eating disorders.”

Workshops, keynote lectures and workshops addressing eating disorders and body image will take place on campus from Feb. 22 to Feb. 24.

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