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Matadors In Finance: Fall 2019 Magazine

Feature Stories

Milton Berlensky

Milton Berlinski: Bullish Matador

The former architect of Goldman Sachs’ private equity advisory business, whose American dream began at CSUN, became one of the most important dealmakers in the country…

Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer: The Dealmaker

Southern California native Michael Kramer ’90 (Finance) first set foot on Wall Street in 1994, and he was shocked to see that it was nothing like the soaring, imposing skyscraper temple he’d seen in movies and TV…

Bill Griffeth, Sue Herera and Ron Insana in the early days of CNBC.

At the Opening Bell: Covering Business

Through Black Monday, the dot-com boom and bust, the 2008 financial crisis and rapid changes in journalism, CSUN alumni Bill Griffeth ’80 (Journalism), Hon.D. ’17, Sue Herera ’81 (Journalism) and Ron Insana ’84 (Radio-Television Broadcasting) have been on the air as three of the most recognized and respected journalists in television.…

Priscilla Moyer

Do the Numbers: Matadors in Finance

The career paths these alumni have traveled to the C-Suite, Wall Street and beyond are as varied as the majors and programs offered at CSUN. One common thread runs through each story, however: Outstanding professors and hands-on learning laid the foundation of core skills…

Bryant Tran

By All Accounts

When in 2018 CSUN’s Department of Accounting and Information Systems earned a spot in College Choice’s roundup of the best accounting programs in the nation, it affirmed that the program has had an exceptional impact on the region…