CSUN Adds Wellness Vending Machine to USU for Students’ Urgent Health Needs

  • A wellness vending machine full of health care items sits next to a machine with beverages.

    Photo by Lee Choo.

CSUN has installed a vending machine that makes it easy to get a variety of wellness items — including tampons, ibuprofen, condoms, pregnancy tests, and emergency contraceptive pills that may prevent pregnancy — without running to a pharmacy, even when the Klotz Student Health Center is not open.

The machine is located inside the University Student Union Sol Center, alongside with other vending machines that hold snacks and caffeine. The aim of the new wellness vending machine, university officials said, is to provide students, including those with limited transportation, access to key health and hygiene items.

All of the items in the machine are less expensive than if purchased at a local drug store, according to educators in CSUN’s Klotz Student Health Center.

CSUN is the first campus in the California State University system to install a wellness vending machine for its students.

Wellness vending machines exist at several private colleges and public universities around the United States, including on some University of California campuses.

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