CSUN Community Catches Preview of Ralph Breaks the Internet, Plus Animation Show of Shows

  • Jason Hand stands in front of a big screen with a Ralph Breaks the Internet icon in the center.

    Disney animator Jason Hand shared what it is like to work as a Disney story artist and showed the audience exclusive clips from the film and a gave a behind the scenes look into how Ralph Breaks the Internet was made. Photo by Patricia Carrillo

  • Jason Hands stands on stage in front of his presentation and podium in the Plaza del Sol Performance Hall.

    Disney story animator Jason Hand shared the process behind bringing movie ideas to the big screen. Hand shared how research and the writing process are critical components to getting any film started. Photo by Patricia Carillo

  • Photo by Patricia Carrillo.

California State University, Northridge students and animation fans alike were invited to a free exclusive look inside the making of Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, as well as a screening of the 19th Annual International Animation Show of Shows organized by the CSUN Department of Art and art professors Robert St. Pierre and Mark Farquhar at the Plaza del Sol performance hall Nov. 20.

The audience was treated to a presentation of exclusive clips from the new film Ralph Breaks the Internet by guest lecturer Jason Hand, a Walt Disney Animation Studios story artist, and got a glimpse of the extensive process behind creating everything from background scenes to individual characters. Those in attendance were also able to watch a selection of animated shorts called the Animation Show of Shows, curated and produced annually by Acme Filmworks founder Ron Diamond.

Hand shared that an aspiring animator needs to develop a tough skin because not every idea will be great, and sharing ideas comes with streams of criticism, but hard work and never giving up on your dreams will eventually get you where you want to be.

The Animation Show of Shows has been produced annually by Diamond since 1998, with the selection changing every year. The 16 critically acclaimed short films in the 19th Show of Shows originate from eight different countries. The shorts showcased a variety of artistic styles and genres, ranging from the Oscar-winning short Dear Basketball written by former Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant and animated by the world-renowned animator Glen Keane, to an abstract explosion of color and jazz in the short Casino.

Speaking about the importance of animation in culture, Diamond shared the passion behind the show.

“We don’t just create animation; we create stories, we create other worlds and they all revolve around real people,” he said. “It’s all about humans and experiencing the human condition. We all know how hard it is to live every day. Many of us face a lot of challenges and we want to tell stories about those challenges in our films.”


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