CSUN Police Arrest Suspects in Simi Valley Burglary

California State University, Northridge police officers today arrested two suspects in a Simi Valley burglary who led police on a high-speed chase that culminated at the university.

CSUN police arrested Andrew Coombes, of Oxnard, and Melissa Reilly, of Menifee. They were turned over to the custody of the Simi Valley Police Department.

At about 11:25 a.m., CSUN police dispatch was notified by the attendant in the campus information booth located at Lindley Avenue and Nordhoff Street that a minivan had been abruptly abandoned near the booth and two people, a man and a woman, were seen fleeing toward campus.

CSUN police responded within two minutes. Officer Anthony Vargas and his K-9 officer, Mitch, searched the suspects’ 2007 minivan and followed the scent of the suspects onto campus. Vargas had been monitoring police radio activity and was aware of the Simi Valley Police Department pursuit.

While the search was going on, a member of the campus community called CSUN police to report that the suspects were in Citrus Hall and that he had found one of the suspects’ abandoned backpacks. CSUN Sgt. Randy Banales, Vargas and Mitch apprehended the suspects in Citrus Hall at 11:57 a.m. The suspects were unarmed.

Campus services were not affected by the police action.