CSUN Partners with DC Solar Freedom to Bring Off-Grid Solar Power to Campus at No Cost

  • DC Solar charging station.

    DC Solar charging stations have been placed at various spots throughout CSUN's campus, giving students the opportunity to charge devices when needed. Photo courtesy Austin Eriksson.

California State University, Northridge has entered into an agreement with DC Solar Freedom to provide solar energy products at its campus, at no cost to the university. The first-of-its-kind initiative by DC Solar Freedom is aimed at institutions of higher education that seek to encourage the use of clean energy, and to educate and empower their communities to discover new and innovative uses for solar.

CSUN, the first Los Angeles-area university to partner with DC Solar, will receive 39 mobile solar products for use in and around campus, including:

• EV charging stations that will allow off-grid car charging
• Light towers to enhance campus safety and security
• Power Stations: outdoor work spaces that come fully equipped to charge electronic devices
• Generators for multiple off-grid applications on and around campus

DC Solar Freedom is able to offer these units at no cost to campuses. Funding for this program is provided through a third-party Power Purchase Agreement, allowing the third-party to utilize vacant space on the unit for additional brand recognition.

DC Solar Freedom’s CEO, Jeff Carpoff: “Colleges and universities are home to some of the foremost thought-leaders on sustainability, yet when it comes to accessing renewable energy for their own use, they are often caught between capital costs and trying to reduce their carbon footprint. DC Solar Freedom offers a solution by placing renewable products on campus at no cost, thereby allowing these communities to integrate clean energy into their daily lives. We are proud to help deliver the tools California State University, Northridge needs to achieve its sustainability goals.”

“CSUN’s partnership with DC Solar will prove to be extremely helpful for the campus not only from an education standpoint for students to realize how solar is being used and the potential applications for it in the future, but they also provide a great source of power in the event the campus experiences a disaster, ultimately building on our resiliency,” said CSUN’s Sustainability Program Manager Austin Eriksson.

CSUN’s partnership with DC Solar Freedom represents the commitment we make to its students and the community – a commitment to fostering sustainability and a clean energy future that will allow them to thrive.

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