CSUN Water Day Draws in a Crowd

Water Day

Amalie Orme, a professor in the Department of Geography, discusses the past, present and future state of water in California. Orme is one of the several speakers featured in Water Day. Photo by Lee Choo.

More than 500 individuals attended California State University, Northridge’s fifth annual Water Day event hosted by the Institute for Sustainability in honor of World Water Day on Wednesday, March 19.

The free event was held from 9:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. in the University Student Union Grand Salon and Theater. The event highlighted the “volatile” history of water rights and management in California.

“We were very happy with the event turnout — most of the sessions were standing room only,” said Sarah Johnson, administrative coordinator for the institute. “This shows that people are interested in activism, the lack of access to safe drinking water in developing nations and the controversy surrounding fracking.”

The day kicked off with the first of four session, a presentation by John Quigley, “Old Glory” tree-sitter and international artist, who talked about using art to incite positive world change.

CSUN geography professor Amalie Orme discussed the past, present and future state of water in California at the second session, which included a screening of the documentary, “Cadillac Desert: Mullohand’s Dream,” about the history of the water system in California.

The third session featured a discussion, hosted by the CSUN Associated Students Environmental Affairs Committee, about what students could do to reduce plastic bottled water use. Representatives from the Thirst Project, a nonprofit organization founded by college students, talked about water issues in the developing world and programs for students to get involved.

The day ended with a screening of a documentary about hydraulic fracturing, better known as “fracking,” by a panel discussion about  climate change, energy and water.

CSUN’s Institute for Sustainability promotes, facilitates and develops educational research and university and community programs related to sustainability. It serves as an umbrella organization across the university on issues related to sustainability and is connecting the campus with efforts in the community. For more information, contact the Institute for Sustainability at (818) 677-7710, email sustainability@csun.edu or visit the CSUN’s Institute for Sustainability.