CSUN’s 2013 Honored Faculty Recognized at Reception on May 20

The annual Honored Faculty Reception will take place on May 20 from 10 a.m. to noon in the University Student Union’s Grand Salon. A continental breakfast will be served at the event. The following faculty have earned awards in their respective categories. Emeritus professors and faculty completing milestone years of service will also be honored.

Faculty Awards

California State University, Northridge faculty celebrate their colleagues at last year’s Honored Faculty Reception. Photo by Lee Choo.

Outstanding Faculty Awards

Julia Heinen (Music)
Paula Thomson (Kinesiology)

Distinguished Teaching, Counseling or Librarianship Awards
Rafi Efrat (Accounting and Information Systems)
Ellie Kazemi (Psychology)
Whitney Scott (Child and Adolescent Development)

Preeminent Scholarly Publication Award
Michael Bryson (English)

Exceptional Creative Accomplishments Award
Rick Mitchell (English)

Extraordinary Service Award
Janet Oh (Psychology)

Visionary Community Service-Learning Award
Frankline Augustin (Health Sciences)

Faculty Emeritus Status and Milestone Service

2013 Emeritus Faculty
Guillermo Bartelt (English)
James Chiu (Accounting and Information Systems)
Kwang-nan Chow (Mathematics)
M. Lawrence Clevenson (Mathematics)
Jean Daniels (Social Work)
Darrick Danta, posthumous (Geography)
Jorge Garcia (Chicana/o Studies)
Rie Rogers Mitchell (Educational Psychology and Counseling)
Philip Rusche (Educational Leadership and Policy)
Paul Skolnick (Psychology)
Cindy Stern (Philosophy)
William Toutant (Music)
Joel Zeitlin (Mathematics)

Faculty Completing 45 Years of Service
Jane Bayes (Political Science)
Ichiro Hashimoto (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

Faculty Completing 40 Years of Service
Dianne Philibosian (Recreation & Tourism Management)

Faculty Completing 35 Years of Service
Curt Dommeyer (Marketing)
Nagi El Naga (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Kim Greenhalgh (Business Law)
Terry Hatkoff (Family and Consumer Sciences)
Rajabali Kiani-Aslani (Accounting and Information Systems)
David Rodriguez (Chicana/o Studies)
Gerald Simila (Geological Sciences)
Shirley Svorny (Economics)

Faculty Completing 30 Years of Service
Thomas Hatfield (Environmental & Occupational Health)
Julie Laity (Geography)
Richard Moore (Management)
Bonnie Paller (Philosophy)
Jon Sloan (Geological Sciences)

Faculty Completing 25 Years of Service
David Aks (Music)
Dorothy Barresi (English)
Quido Canzona (Manufacturing Systems Engineering & Management)
Robert Carpenter (Biology)
Brian Castronovo (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures)
Anthony Costantini (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures)
Frederick Elias (Psychology)
Nicholas Habib (Philosophy)
Michele Haney (Special Education)
David Klein (Mathematics)
David Kretschmer (Elementary Education)
Tom Lee (Economics)
Steven Loy, belated (Kinesiology)
Ignacio Osorno (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Christine Roussos (Communicative Disorders & Science)
Siva Sankaran (Systems & Operations Management)
Mohamad Tabidian (Geological Sciences)
Mariaelena Zavala (Biology)