Important Dates for Fall 2016 Semester

  • The fall 2016 semester is fast approaching! Find out all the important dates for the upcoming semester. Photo by Lee Choo.

The fall 2016 semester is fast approaching, with Saturday classes beginning Aug. 27. For those without Saturday classes, school will resume on Monday, Aug. 29.

Other important dates for this semester include:

Aug. 24: Fall 2016 financial aid balance checks are mailed (or deposited by eRefund) starting today, and weekly hereafter.

Aug. 29-Sept. 4: Wait listing continues through Labor Day. Permission is not required to add classes (except for restricted classes).

Sept. 5: Labor Day; campus closed.

Sept. 16: Last day to add with permission, drop or change grading basis (CR/NC) using online, self-service registration.

Nov. 4: Students who remain enrolled after this date may not need to repay financial aid.

Nov. 11: Veterans Day; campus closed.

Nov. 24-27: Thanksgiving Break; campus closed.

Dec. 11: Last day of formal instruction.

Dec. 12-18: Final exams.

Dec. 23: Instructors’ grades due.

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