Lime Discontinuing Its Bike-Share Program

Lime colored bicycleLime has announced that it is discontinuing its app-based bike-share programs, including the one that debuted at California State University, Northridge in January 2018. As a result of this company decision, Lime has ended its contract with the university, and all bikes and program signage will be removed from campus on March 19.

Sustainability is one of CSUN’s top priorities, and the Lime Bike-share roll-out aligned with the university’s climate action and sustainability plans.

“While we are disappointed that Lime has ended this partnership, we remain absolutely committed to providing accessible, affordable and sustainable transportation options for our campus community,” said Austin Eriksson, CSUN Director of Energy and Sustainability. “The program clearly showed that there is a market and true need for alternate modes of transport at CSUN. We will put what we’ve learned from this project into future efforts to serve the campus.”

CSUN’s Associated Students worked closely with staff from the Institute for Sustainability and other campus partners to bring the bike-share pilot to campus.

“We were really taken aback by this information. Nevertheless, reducing our carbon footprint is a top priority for not only the campus community, but for Associated Students as well. That being said, Associated Students will continue to explore and/or create innovative ways to provide CSUN students with sustainable resources and services,” Associated Students President Beverly Ntagu said.

CSUN continues to offer students and employees numerous ways to reach campus including public transportation, which is even more accessible due to the popular Metro U-pass program. In recent years, AS has launched new programs for car share and ride share programs, Zipcar and Zimride.