CSUN Carnaval Highlights Cultural Diversity

  • CSUN students participating in the sixteenth annual Carnaval.

    Students with the African Drum Ensemble lead a dance and drumming session during the 16th annual Carnaval at California State University, Northridge on April 18 at the University Student Union. The free festival celebrates a multitude of cultures with food, music, dance and cultural activities. Photo by Nestor Garcia.

  • Students in a conga line.

    CSUN students join Brazilian samba dancers in a conga line to celebrate Carnaval. Photo by Lee Choo.

  • A female student getting henna on her hand.

    Patricia Lopez, psychology junior, had her hand painted by a henna artist, one of the many booth activities available at the festival. Photo by Lee Choo.

  • A female student trying to play a taiko drum.

    April Elizondo, a third year kinesiology student, tries her hand at playing a taiko drum. Photo by Nestor Garcia.

  • Belly dancers performing.

    Belly dancers entertain the crowd at Carnaval. Photo by Nestor Garcia.

  • A female student gets her name written in Persian.

    A student gets her name written in Persian at one of the many activity booths during the Carnaval event. Photo by Lee Choo.

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