Surviving Through Art: Students Express Their Resilience in ‘Revitalize’ Competition

Flyer picture of the Multimedia Art Competition taking place on April 19, 3-5pm

The Revitalize Multimedia Art Competition Exhibit will showcase students’ art created during the pandemic.

Some CSUN students have turned to art to help them process the pain, trauma and anxiety the pandemic brought to their lives. The pieces they have created will be showcased at the Revitalize Multimedia Art Competition, from 3 to 5 p.m. on April 19 in The Soraya’s Grand Lobby.

The student competition was designed to foster recovery within the CSUN community, after the hardships of the ongoing pandemic. The theme is centered around resilience through art, emphasizing how complicated situations have inspired beautiful pieces in the fine arts, photography and poetry/song categories.

“Having an organization see the power of art, and what it can do for an individual and a community is really exciting,” said art student Sophia Wolfe, who entered a painting in the fine arts category. “‘Tessellate’ is an oil painting inspired by the moment during quarantine in which I realized I needed to prioritize art in order to truly be myself. It was created as an act to rekindle the fire that I had with art-making growing up.”

After the projects are submitted and showcased, a panel of judges ​will select the top work in each category. ​The winner in each category will receive a monetary prize of $1,000. The winners will be announced during the CSUN Campus Care Recovery Program Conference on April 26.

“Art competitions or exhibitions just bring together a lot of different people with different lives and minds, and they allow you to express yourself and encourage you to continue your craft,” said Sepideh Vaziri, a psychology major who entered a poem about forgiveness and closure.

At the showcase, students will share their song and poetry performances during the program’s first hour (while guests are seated). Following the performances, guests may walk through the Grand Lobby and view the photography and fine arts displays.

For more information about the Revitalize Multimedia Art Competition, visit

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