Frederick Elias Helps Campus “Beat the Blues”

Book cover for "I Can I Will" by Frederick Elias.

Book cover for “I Can I Will” by Frederick Elias.

On the week of Nov. 26, the CSUN campus recognized “Beat the Blues” week, a five-day series meant to raise awareness about depression, prevent suicide and promote student wellness. It was sponsored by University Counseling Services, the California Mental Health Services Authority, the University Student Union and Associated Students — with the message reaching all the way to the classroom.

Psychology professor Frederick Elias literally took a page out of his own book to take part in “Beat the Blues” week. The author of “I Can I Will: Dynamics for Personal Success” gave his students tips on ways they can beat the internal struggles the week was designed to address.

Daily Sundial reporter Mayra Escobedo got the story. “The shortest path to becoming depressed is hanging out with negative people,” Elias told the class. He continued, explaining how his “I Can I Will” philosophy allows people to overcome things like fear or depression to reach their goals. It was apparent that the students in the class were not only listening but also excited to learn more about Elias’ plan.

“I enjoyed the audience participation. It kind of brings a different side to learning the material because you get more involved,” said sophomore chemistry major Kevin O’Neil.

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