Welcome Week: Student Housing Residents Kick Off the Semester with Festivities

  • Group photo of numerous students in the pool at student residence.

    A Great Way to Cool off on a Hot Summer Afternoon. Students in Campus Housing Gather at the Pool for "MataSplash" on Tuesday, Aug. 30. Photo by David J. Hawkings

  • One woman sits in circular float in the pool, shading her eyes and smiling. Her friend is in the water, off to the side.

    CSUN Students Chat and Relax in the Cool Water at the "MataSplash" event. Photo by David. J. Hawkins.

  • Three men in foreground of pool smile. One is holding a ball.

    Who's Up for Some Water Polo? Students Cool Off at the "MataSplash" Event, Courtesy of the Residence Halls Association. Photo by David. J. Hawkins.

  • Two students in foreground stand front of buffet table holding plates.

    Dinner Under the Stars: Students Enjoy Some Classic Outdoor Fare at the "Bonfire Bash". Photo by Lee Choo.

  • Two students sit in front of fire in fire pit.

    A Nice Chance to Chat with Friends and Meet New People at the "Bonfire Bash" on Wednesday, Aug. 31 in Student Housing. Photo by Lee Choo.

  • Large group photo of students sitting in front of a fire in a fire pit.

    Students in Campus Housing Gather for a Cozy Evening of Grilling, S'Mores and Conversation at the "Bonfire Bash" on Wednesday, Aug. 31. Photo by Lee Choo.

A cozy evening by the fire and an afternoon cooling off at the pool… Students living in CSUN’s housing complex kicked off the fall semester with some fun activities, including the “Mata-Splash” event.  More than 100 students cooled off at the pool party on Aug. 30.  Around 400 campus housing residents came to the “Bonfire Bash” on Aug. 31, where everyone enjoyed a dinner of grilled hot dogs and making s’mores at the fire pit.

Welcome Week activities in campus housing started with a Block Party on Aug. 27, where residents could learn more about clubs and organizations. Organizers say these events are held to introduce students to life in campus housing and to meet their neighbors. Check out the photos from these fun events!

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