CSUN Dean Receives Los Angeles County Women of the Year Award for Education

The Los Angeles County Commission for Women honored Joyce Feucht-Haviar, university senior international officer and dean of the Tseng College for Graduate, International and Midcareer Education at California State University, Northridge, as a recipient of the 28th Annual Women of the Year Award today, in the category of education.

Each year the award salutes women from across Los Angeles County for their work to bring about social and economic change as well as for excellence in the categories of education, health and law/public safety.

Joyce Feucht-Haviar

Tseng College’s Dean Joyce Feucht-Haviar is the recipient of the 28th Annual Woman of the Year Award.

“There is a remarkable array of women in influential roles in education in Los Angeles,” Feucht-Haviar noted. “Some are changing lives in classrooms at all levels from early childhood to the highest levels of university education.  Others are changing expanding educational opportunities at all levels and impacting the future of institutions and Los Angeles in leadership and management roles in schools, colleges, universities, and the many community organizations that are helping to define the future of Los Angeles.

“I consider myself to be privileged indeed to be in a role and at an institution that allows me to envision a different future and then work with dedicated faculty and administrative colleagues to craft the innovative educational options that can make those envisioned possibilities a reality,” she said.  “As I reflect on today’s celebration of the accomplishments of women in our region, I have a special appreciation for the many women in senior roles in the faculty and administration at CSUN whose work is honored along with mine today – because what I have done would not have been possible without them.”

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the Commission for Women selected Feucht-Haviar for the honor in education. Veda E. Ward, president of the Commission for Women and a professor at CSUN, praised Feucht-Haviar for her contributions toward improving the regional economy and the quality of life for many working adults through the exceptional and innovative CSUN educational opportunities available on a global scale for career professionals, recognizing that the majority of students in these programs are women who will become tomorrow’s leaders. The Commission for Women also saluted all honorees for serving as outstanding role models and demonstrating outstanding performance in their professions.  The event was held at the Millennium Biltmore in downtown Los Angeles.