CSUN’s Master of Arts in Education Nationally Ranked Among Top 25

California State University, Northridge’s Master of Arts in Education program was nationally ranked in the top 25 by GraduatePrograms.com — surpassing University of Virginia and Auburn University in the online guide to graduate school education. Also on the list were universities such as Harvard, Northwestern and UCLA.

“CSUN has a lot to be proud about when it comes to our master’s in education,” said Assistant Vice President of CSUN Graduate Studies Maggie Shiffrar. “Education has long been a strength on this campus as a graduate program. It’s great to see that strength recognized nationally.”

CSUN’s master’s in education program prides itself in its practical philosophy. The program teaches its students to put theory into practice, helping their graduate students use the theories they are taught and apply them to classroom teaching.

“You can have all the book smarts in the world, but if it’s not applicable to the real world, then your degree’s not worth much,” Shiffrar said.

“The beauty of our education process is that it is neither just practice nor just theory — it’s both,” she said. “You’re learning how to teach, you’re learning what the research is and you’re learning the interface between the two. That is a very powerful approach.”

The Michael D. Eisner College of Education focuses its master’s program on this philosophy, earning the top-25 ranking through student and graduate polls.

“GraduatePrograms.com is a company that ranks programs online,” Shiffrar said. “The website weighs heavily on what the students and graduates say. What it tells us is that our college of education is doing a good job satisfying the needs of our students.”

With this ranking, Shiffrar said, she is certain that CSUN’s master’s in education program will be even more competitive and coveted by graduate applicants who seek a practical approach, thoughtful curriculum, recognition of diversity and cost.

“We know what the world looks like outside of the university,” she said. “Our college of education has been very thoughtful in creating an inclusive and diverse institution at all levels — there is diversity in ethnicity, sociocultural backgrounds, language and gender. Our classrooms reflect the real world. Our faculty represents the real world. We give our students the tools they need to succeed in the real world. With this ranking, we’re running with the big dogs.”

To view the master’s in education rankings on GraduatePrograms.com, visit http://www.graduateprograms.com/top-education-programs/.

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