CSUN Speaker Series Showcases Psychology Department Research

brown bagThe Department of Psychology at California State University, Northridge is hosting a lunchtime seminar series designed for psychology faculty and graduate students interested in learning about current research projects and exchanging ideas.

This is the second year CSUN’s psychology department will host a “GE Brown Bag Series.”  The series is open to all faculty and staff. It takes place approximately every other Friday from noon to 1 p.m., from March 15 through May 10, in Sierra Hall 322. The series will feature a variety of topics including “Revising Your Beliefs: How the Scope of a Rule Affects Your Decision-making”; “the Linguistic and Social Development of Mexican Immigrant Children”; and “Foster Care: Attachment, Resilience, and Cultural Identity.”

“We want our graduate students to be participating in a community of ongoing research and not just see research in its final form,” said psychology professor Holli Tonyan, series organizer. “Each speaker in this series is a gem.”

Students in Psychology 500: Seminar in Professional Development, a two-term course that aims to prepare students to be successful in their graduate program and eventually a doctoral program, are required to attend.

Tonyan said the series “provides a window into more recently collected data” than is available through published research journals because it takes time to make it to press.

Scheduled series are presentations are as follows:

  • March 15 “Revising your Beliefs: How the Scope of a Rule Affects Your Decision-making” presented by Alex Swan of the University of California, Santa Barbara
  • April 5 “The Linguistic and Social Development of Mexican Immigrant Children” presented by Allison Wishard of the University of California San Diego (canceled)
  • April 19 Alumni Panel organized and hosted by Mark Otten
  • May 19 “The development of Human Amygdala Function and Connectivity Following Early Life Stress” presented by Nim Tottenham of the Department of Psychology at the University of California Los Angeles
  • May 10 “Foster Care: Attachment, Resilience, and Cultural Identity” presented by Leslie Ponciano of the Department of Early Childhood Education, at Loyola Marymount University

For more information regarding the Department of Psychology, visit the department website.