Matadors’ Advice for Virtual Learning

  • Student looks at tablet

    This photo was taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo by Lee Choo.

It’s their first day at a new school, only they won’t actually be AT school. New Matadors are facing a unique challenge this year – connecting and succeeding virtually from the first day.

On Instagram, we asked those who experienced virtual learning last semester for words of wisdom for new students and got an incredible response. Here is some of their advice.


The top piece of advice? Plan. Whether it is a physical planner or digital one, Matadors overwhelmingly suggested that new student write down dates and schedule their work in order to keep track.

@justcarlos_: Mark your digital calendars with due dates along with reminders on each one.

@devynprince: Use a planner and write down all your important dates in it when you get your syllabus!

But don’t stop there. Keep up to date with changing deadlines and dates with Canvas.

@celineelyssa: Get the Canvas app and make sure to have notifications on!

@_cassihernandez_: Log onto Canvas at least once a day to stay up to date on school work.

Manage Time Wisely

Without consistent in-person classes, it can be easy to put off work, but these Matadors caution against it.

@_alexis_the_great_: Even if you think you can get it done the day it’s due, it’s just better to do it before. Trust me.

@sunny_naguri: Try to do your work the same week. Piling up work has never helped anyone. Like NEVER.

Self-Care is Important

A little self-care can go a long way in dealing with stress.

@sam_g91_: Get up, get ready as if you were going to school on campus!

@jaimevelasquezz: Hydrate and don’t overeat when studying

@celenafernandez1: Let everyone in your house know that you’re about to go “to class” so it’s not too noisy.

@holytyrone: Just take care of yourself. Learning through this won’t be easy, be kind to yourself.

Stay Connected

Even from home, it is easy to connect with other Matadors. Make sure to touch base with professors and use Zoom and other technology to make connections with peers.

@_yessica.g: Make a group chat with your classmates, stay connected as much as possible!!

@jcirca98: Be present! Participate in zoom meetings so the professor knows you care.

@youraghaz: Join a club to stay connected #AMALiftOff

And Finally…

@lizzy_true_ravenclaw_smart: Embrace university. Don’t be nervous… be ready, set and go

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