CSUN Eateries Offer Incentives to Eat On Campus

Sierra Center Marketplace

Diners stand in line at the Sierra Center’s Marketplace, one of many places on campus that accepts TUC discount cards. Photo by Lee Choo.

Looking for an appetizing meal and a great deal? The University Corporation offers a range of options to California State University, Northridge faculty and staff.

In 2012, TUC launched the MataMoney Campus Dining Card, a reloadable plastic card similar to a pre-paid credit card but with no fees. Diners place a minimum of $5 on the card; use it to pay for food and instantly receive 10 percent off the entire bill.  The card is accepted at all campus food locations.

TUC also offers patrons loyalty cards at The Marketplace, the Freudian Sip and the Orange Grove Bistro. After enjoying nine $5 meals at the Marketplace, the patron gets the 10th meal for free; 10 prepared drinks will earn a cardholder an 11th drink for free at the Freudian Sip; and nine lunch entrees will earn a diner a 10th meal free at the Orange Grove Bistro.

“Our loyalty programs have a twofold purpose — to provide value and reward to our loyal customers who are CSUN students, faculty and staff, and to keep the money on campus, which is also a positive for CSUN students, faculty and staff,” said Rick Evans, executive director. “The corporation wants to support CSUN’s priority to focus on employees for success.”

In addition, TUC offers an “Happy Hour” at Freudian Sip locations on Wednesdays from 4 to 5:30 p.m. that provide beverages at 50 percent off.

For more information about campus dining options, visit The University Corporation website.