Donation App Takes First Place in 2021 App-Jam

A unique app that allows users to control the fate of their donated items was named as the winner of App-Jam 2021, CSUN’s annual app development contest.

The winners, Team Give created an application called “PartWith”. The app gives users more control over the fate of their donated goods, noting that donated goods intended for local community members can sometimes be shipped to other countries for resale.

“We have created a platform that allows individuals to donate items directly to a cause of their choice without reducing the cash value of their items due to an ineffective process,” the team’s showcase video stated. “It’s your stuff so only you should be to choose who they go to.”

Utilizing the app, individuals are also able to create fundraising opportunities and events to ask for help from the public, akin to GoFundMe or any other crowdfunding websites.

“Not everyone has money available to help these people but plenty of people have a big heart and stuff lying around that they wouldn’t mind getting rid of. Our goal is to directly link local people in need with local donors who are willing to give up unwanted household items to help folks feel complete,” the video continued.

The app utilizes ReactJS, a JavaScript coding library, with material user interface to create a intuitive front-end design. For the backend, .Net 5, a software framework, is used with a Microsoft cloud database. All together, this creates a reliable, flexible and powerful coding collection that is easily scaled to help match future growth and increased demand, as well as being available on multiple prominent platforms.

App-Jam logo

App-Jam is an annual event by CSUN Information Technology.

“The focus of this year’s competition was to encourage student participants to think through ways … to effectively improve communication in a time where connection is often remote and missing that personal touch,” said Ranjit Philip, Interim Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Information Technology.

The runner-up, Team Abstract, developed an application called “Rekindle”, an app that is designed to help maintain relationships in the digital age. Utilizing Amazon Web Services technology, the app creates custom in-touch frequencies to use. The app monitors calls and texts to ensure that you keep on contact with your loved ones.

“However, if the time of non communication for contact exceeds your custom time frequency setting Rekindle will notify you to reach out with a phone call, or a text. Rekindle also provides a number of useful features to ensure your relationships are always up to date,” Team Abstract stated in their showcase video. “With all this control and functionality at your fingertips, it would be hard to lose contact with anyone.”

The showcase video continued, “We all have the power to connect and communicate with others. Our devices have everything they need, all they require is our action. Don’t let your busy life get in the way of maintaining your relationships with friends, family, and more. Let Rekindle assist you and connect you with those that matter most, when it matters most.”

The winning and runner-up teams will be placed into a Summer Accelerator program provided by the CSUN Innovation Corps, a program designed at discovering and cultivating entrepreneurial talents and principles among CSUN students. There, the two teams’ applications will be testing and marketed out into the real world.

The other two teams competing in the finals, Búme and the Intelectual Bad A’s, presented their applications as well. The eponymous app by Búme is a unique app that aims to empower street vendors by offering community resources and connecting them with potential customers in real time. By creating a platform that simplifies the process of communication between the customer and the vendor, Búme will minimize the chance for any miscommunications during ordering as well as creating a relationship between the two parties.

Tanda, developed by the Intelectual Bad A’s, aims to empower speakers, musicians and other performers, and give them a greater platform for performances. By increasing the ease of engagement, Tanda’s main goal is to allow great connectivity between the audience and the performer. Tanda offers a wide variety of options for users, from creating custom rooms to utilizing polls.