Jolene Koester Presidential Scholarship for Staff: Deadline Aug. 5

Page from dictionary highlighting the word "learning"California State University, Northridge is accepting applications for the first award of the Jolene Koester Presidential Scholarship.

University staff and administrators have until 9 p.m., Aug. 5 to submit an application for the Jolene Koester Presidential Scholarship. The applicant must be a CSUN staff member or a management personnel plan administrator I or II; must be an employee in good standing and submit a letter of recommendation from his or her current supervisor; must be pursuing a degree at CSUN; must be using the CSUN Fee Waiver program for self or a dependent; must have a 2.0 GPA or higher; and must have filed a 2013-14 FAFSA.

“President Koester wanted to establish a way to help employees who are pursuing a degree,” said Barbara Gross, chief of staff and selection committee chair. “She wanted to do something that benefits CSUN employees.”

CSUN’s Financial Aid and Scholarship Department said up to 10 individuals could receive a scholarship of $1,000 this year. In addition to completing an application, an applicant must write an essay and provide a copy of his or her transcript.

In honor of former president Koester’s 11-year legacy of leadership, donors established the Jolene Koester Presidential Scholarship Endowment in 2011. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a member, or members, of the university staff or administration pursuing a degree in any field of study.

For additional questions about the scholarship visit the Jolene Koester Scholarship FAQ.  Contributions to the fund now exceed $214,000, including a $100,000 match by the CSUN Foundation. To make donations to the endowment, visit