Justin Bieber Features CSUN Student and Campus in New Music Video

  • Bahri Mousa and Justin Bieber.

    A screenshot from the video of CSUN student Bahri Mousa and Justin Bieber. Image courtesy of OBB Pictures.

  • Bahri Mousa walks across the CSUN Library deck.

    A screenshot from the video, showing CSUN student Bahri Mousa walking across the CSUN Library portico. Image courtesy of OBB Pictures.

Singer and songwriter Justin Bieber recently filmed parts of a music video for his song, “Intentions,” on CSUN’s campus. The video premiered Feb. 7, featuring the story of one CSUN student and showing parts of CSUN’s campus in select scenes.

Bahri Mousa, the student featured in the video, was born in Saudi Arabia. Her mother never had access to an education, and she worked three jobs in order to save up enough money to bring Mousa and her siblings to the United States.

Before she was tapped for the video shoot, Mousa had to either take public transportation or borrow a car for a commute that could take two to three hours to get to campus. In the video, Bieber gifted her a car.

According to Mousa, the car in the video isn’t the exact car she’ll be driving — she gets to pick the exact color and model she wants.

“Education is really important to me, and it is for my mom,” Mousa says in the video. “My intention is to help kids who are less fortunate.”

The documentary-style video, which features rapper Quavo, includes other people as well, discussing being raised by immigrants or in foster care — as well as issues such as abuse, homelessness, poverty and pursuing higher education. The video was created to raise awareness and funds for Alexandria House, a transitional residence and house of hospitality in Los Angeles for women and children in the process of moving from emergency shelters to permanent housing.

Mousa said the video already has inspired Bieber fans and CSUN alumni alike to donate to Alexandria House.

“Intentions” will be featured on Bieber’s upcoming album, “Changes,” set to drop on Feb. 14.

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