Fall Traditions Add Some Spice to Campus

  • Student with a cat on her shoulder stands by decorative hay bales

    A furry friend lends support in the all-important process of choosing just the right pumpkin to make the perfect jack-o-lantern. Photo by Sonia Gurrola.

  • Students holding pumpkins sit on hay bales

    Students enjoy some of that fall feeling at Pumpkin Fest. Photo by Sonia Gurrola.

  • Young woman putting a pumpkin in a shopping bag and a white dog sits next to her sniffing the pumpkin on the lawn at Matador Square.

    Hmmmm.... Decisions, decisions... A canine pal considers the choice of pumpkins at Pumpkin Fest, Tuesday, Oct. 25. Photo by Sonia Gurrola.

  • Dog with paw on pumpkin, young woman next to the dog is putting a pumpkin in a shopping bag.

    This is the one, Mom! The perfect pumpkin was found by this adorable pup at Pumpkin Fest, Tuesday, Oct. 25. Photo by Sonia Gurrola.

  • Students stand on both sides of a table that has paint and paper laid out.

    Students enjoyed an array of paints and other craft materials at Pumpkin Fest on Tuesday, Oct. 25 to prepare themselves for their ultimate works of art-- their pumpkins. Photo by Sonia Gurrola.

  • Student dressed in black with black eye makeup and a large set of black wings poses for the camera

    CSUN students know how to bring their A-game when it comes to Halloween costumes. Student Adrian DeLeon dressed up as video game character AION. Photo by Sonia Gurrola.

  • Smiling young woman wearing a headband with two pumpkins on it poses for the camera

    Smile— it's Halloween! Photo by Sonia Gurrola.

  • Student wearing blue bow tie and blue cap carrying a wooden crate filled with empty milk bottles

    Milk, anyone? Props to this student who went retro on this milkman costume. Photo by Sonia Gurrola.

  • Student dressed as banana flanked by two people dressed as gorillas.

    BFFs! Two gorillas pal around with their favorite snack! It's Halloween on campus! Photo by Sonia Gurrola.

  • Student wearing red kerchief on his head, boots and blue shirt stands in the library with students studying in the background.

    A pirate in the University Library!?! Student Ethan Groat brings the attitude to his costume for Halloween on campus. Photo by Sonia Gurrola.

The weather finally cooperated and cooled down a bit, just in time for a beloved annual tradition: Pumpkin Fest, which took place by the Farmers Market in Matador Square on Tuesday, Oct. 25. Organizers with Associated Students brought 700 pumpkins to campus. Students, and even a few of their furry friends, lined up for a free pumpkin and chose just the right one from the “pumpkin patch.” Folks then flexed their creative skills, and decorated their gorgeous gourds for… Halloween! Some of our students really brought their A-game with their costumes on Monday, Oct. 31.  All of this during midterms! Check out how Matadors celebrate fall in SoCal in these photos.

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