Alumna Hopes for Gold in 2012 London Games

Katie Holloway playing volleyball.

Former All-Big West Conference Matador Katie Holloway will play for Team USA.

Perseverance is nothing new to Katie Holloway. After losing her left foot early in life due to an anklebone missing since birth, she was still able to garner a basketball scholarship and come to CSUN. Her career was nothing short of remarkable, capturing All-Big West Conference honors multiple times while simultaneously becoming the only woman ever to play Division I basketball with a prosthesis. You would think she would end her athletic career after graduating, but that’s where you’d be wrong.

That’s because Holloway is looking for one of the most prized trophies– a gold medal. Part of the Women’s Team USA Sitting Volleyball squad, she is headed to London for this year’s Paralympics. Holloway is hoping it doesn’t end with a silver medal like it did during her last go-round in the 2008 Beijing games.

“I think my whole perspective has really changed in the four years between games,” Holloway said. “Today, I am much more familiar with the Paralympics and have friends competing in a host of events… For our competition, I think I have a more serious mentality, and that has made it much easier to focus on what we need to do to be successful.”

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