Psychology Professor Emeritus Captures Lifetime Achievement Award

Portrait of Barbara Tabachnick

CSUN professor emeritus Barbara Tabachnick.

What do an accomplished belly dancer, writer, artist and CSUN professor emeritus of psychology have in common? Everything, since they’re the same person —Barbara Tabachnick, who just picked up a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Western Psychological Association. She’s the first CSUN professor to do so.

“It is her influence that explains why our department continues to be cited as the top comprehensive university that supports students to the doctorate who complete their degree,” said Carrie Satermoe, chair of CSUN’s Department of Psychology. 

One of the main reasons Tabachnick was selected to receive the prestigious award is that, along with current psychology professor Lindal Fidell, she co-authored one of the most commonly used psychology books in school, “Using Multivariate Statistics.” The textbook is considered standard in graduate courses, and more than 200 universities in the United States use it as well as several overseas.

“(Tabachnick) is very good at communicating with the people who use the book by adding chapters and maintaining it so it stays up to date; she is very generous with her time and knowledge,” said co-author Fidell.

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