‘Matador Moments’ Winners Capture First-Year Memories

A drawing of two students under a yellow umbrella at a CSUN picnic table, joined by a squirrel.

Art by Jasmin Correa.

From August to May, CSUN invited students to participate in the online Portfolium Challenge “Matador Moments: First Year Stories.” The first year of college is memorable. Students had the opportunity to share that memory to make an impact in the lives of future Matadors and have the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

A panel of judges from Academic Affairs, Students Affairs, and Information Technology have selected the winners of 2020 Matador Moments Challenge:

Sammy Fernandes – Video

Magdelena Juric – Written Word

Jasmin Correa – Photos / Original Art

See more information at the Matador Moments Challenge page.