Fall 2022 Events You Can’t Miss!

  • Student stands playing game at table with person looking on.

    Students played games and picked up swag at Matafest, 2022. Photo by David J. Hawkins.


We know it’s a busy time for Matadors — finding your way to classes, adjusting your schedules, all the things that take place at the start of the new school year. But don’t forget to have some fun!

There are lots of events happening in the coming weeks to introduce students to life on campus. It’s a great way to meet people and learn more about the CSUN community.

Associated Students sponsors many of these events. The AS Programs Manager, James Forrester, says the purpose is to help foster social connections on campus.

“The events that get put on for the campus community provide those opportunities outside of the classrooms for people to connect, build relationships, and ultimately find themselves,” Forrester said. “Experiences bond people together and we can’t wait to provide those experiences for everyone this year!”

So, let the bonding begin!  Here’s a rundown of some can’t miss events to start your semester off right.

Placing a Rose on the Matador statue (Matador Plaza)

At the beginning and end of each semester, CSUN students place a red rose at the foot of the Matador statue in the Matador Square. For years, placing the rose has symbolized bringing good fortune to the student for midterms or final exams. People also place roses on the statue for graduation and other big life events.

Sports-a-Palooza (Aug. 31) Sierra Lawn

Held annually by Associated Students, Sports-A-Palooza is where students can interact with the different sports clubs at CSUN. Music and games are offered at Sports-A-Palooza and students are also given the chance to join the sports clubs.

Matafest (Sept. 1) Plaza Del Sol & Grand Salon

Learn about all the different resources that the University Student Union offers to CSUN students, while enjoying food, games and music. The event will be held from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in the USU’s Plaza Del Sol.

President’s Picnic (Sept. 6) Bayramian Lawn

Join CSUN president Erika D. Beck for food, drinks and fun activities. The picnic is expected to have two time slots for the event so all can participate, one held in the morning and one later on in the day.

Cultural Center Welcome Events (Sept. 6-9) University Student Union, Thousand Oaks Room

These are great events for CSUN students who want to create bonds with others in similar communities on campus. Held as four individual celebrations, students are encouraged to come and forge connections with others. The Latinx Welcome event will be held on Sept. 6, followed by the Asian American Pacific Islander Welcome event and American Indian Welcome event, respectively, on Sept. 7 & 8. All will be held in the USU, Thousand Oaks Room on the second floor.

Meet the Clubs (Sept. 13-14) Sierra Quad

Interact and get to know the clubs and organizations around campus at Meet the Clubs. Whether you are a freshmen trying to decide what extracurricular activities  to do, or a returning CSUN student that wants to get more involved, Meet the Clubs is an easy way to see where you fit in.

Camp Camp Welcoming Event (Sept. 14) Northridge Center

The Camp Camp Event, hosted by the Pride Center, will offer students the opportunity to meet other people and join in on fun activities and games. Held on Sept. 14 at 4 p.m., CSUN students can also create bedazzled accessories and learn how to strut down a runway.

New Student Convocation (Sept. 22) University Library Lawn

The Freshman Convocation serves as an extended welcome to new CSUN students, by the administration, campus and the President. Since 2007, the Freshman Convocation has celebrated CSUN students with music and a speech from a noteworthy speaker. The keynote speaker has yet to be announced.

Welcoming Social  (Sept. 30) USU Grand Salon

Join other returning and new CSUN students at the DREAM Center for a day to make connections and explore your creativity. This community-building event will allow students the opportunity to paint, make jewelry, play games and so much more!


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