Making Digital Literacy More A-to-Z Than 1s and 0s

Students taking notes.

Technology is helping students learn more efficiently.

The digital world is continuing to integrate into our daily lives at an amazing clip, and in ways that go beyond just email and watching funny cat videos. Take, for instance, the California Writing Project (CWP). It’s an offshoot of the National Writing Project, a nonprofit that encourages the work of teachers to enhance writing and learning in the classroom.

Cal State Northridge has joined the CWP to, along with the Alliance for Excellent Education, host the nation’s first-ever Digital Learning Day on Feb. 1.

“By giving teachers an opportunity to learn how to use technology and the inexpensive and free tools that are out there,” said Kathleen Rowlands, director of Cal State Northridge Writing Project, “we are giving them the ability to think outside the traditional teaching box and explore new ways to make the classroom experience informative and engaging.”

On the CSUN campus, teachers have been getting trained on how to use online resources that range from Google Docs to Prezi, a cloud-based presentation software that works with whiteboards. They’re even getting tutorials for tools like Twitter and podcasting.

For more: Cal State Northridge Offers Teachers Support in Digital Literacy [CSUN Media Releases]

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